Autumn 2020 Update

I hope you are all keeping well.
Welcome to the Autumn newsletter update with the current news at Castle Street, Long Crendon and Risborough clinics. 


Following  Michelle's  retirement we are delighted to welcome Rebecca Cox to the Castle Street Clinic as our new acupuncturist.
Rebecca will be working initially on Tuesday afternoons.

For those of you who are unsure, Acupuncture can help in a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions from back pain, dental pain, respiratory conditions, digestive disorders, migraine, as well as many emotional problems. In Rebecca's case, she has a special interest in treating womens’ health concerns and how this can impact them at different times in their life.

Pilates classPilates

This is a low impact exercise programme designed to tone, strengthen and improve flexibility in specific areas of the body. The focus is on strengthening the core muscles ( the postural muscles of the back and abdominal regions) and improving postural awareness. It is helpful when combined with Osteopathy in recovering and rehabilitating, particularly after a back/spinal related issue.

Since lockdown, Robert has been continuing with his Sunday evening Pilates class via the Zoom platform. These sessions are recorded, so can be carried out (if not "live" on a Sunday Night) at your convenience.
If you think that you maybe interested in these sessions (they are £5 per session), please contact Robert and he will be able assess the suitability of these sessions for your particular needs.

Sports Massage

Jodi our massage therapist will be returning to the clinic in January so while she is off, Harry is also able to offer sports massage (of which he has 4 years experience) at Castle Street. He is also offering Sports massage at Long Crendon and Princes Risborough.

General Health

With the ongoing Covid restrictions, I thought that you may be interested in some information about the importance of your immune system when faced with the Covid 19 virus, and some information on keeping positive in these trying times.

The first link is about: How to Recognise a Weakened Immune System and What to Do About It

In addition to the above, the second link points out to some potentially valuable nutritional sources: Eating Your Way to a Strong Immune System

The third link is related to coping with the mental stress of self-isolation: Strategies for Staying Positive and Sane During Challenging Circumstances

If you feel that any of the above information may be of benefit to somebody that you know, do feel free to share it with them.

Keep well and safe.
Robert and the Team at Castle Street Clinic, Risborough Osteopaths and Crendon Osteopaths

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